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Return to Work Process

RTW Process for Workers

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Step 1

Get first aid and/or medical treatment:

  • Get medical treatment or first aid as required; and
  • If necessary, your employer will provide transportation to a medical centre.

Step 2

Report the Injury:


Step 3

Communicate and Collaborate:

  • If unable to return to work immediately, tell your employer and keep them informed with regular communication;
  • Communicate at least every two weeks with your WSCC Case Manager to update them on your recovery; and
  • Participate in prescribed treatment and rehabilitation programs.
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Step 4

Identify Suitable Work:

  • Work with your employer, health care provider, and the WSCC to identify suitable work and create a RTW plan; and
  • Contact WSCC as soon as you and your employer identify suitable work to discuss it with your Case Manager.

Step 5


  • Meet regularly with your employer to discuss progress, concerns, etc.;
  • Make any necessary adjustments to the RTW plan;
  • Continue to attend medical and rehabilitation appointments; and
  • Continue to maintain contact with your WSCC Case Manager to discuss progress.

Step 6


  • You recover and return to pre-injury job duties or new permanent modified duties.