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Identify Suitable Work

Identify Suitable Work

What is suitable work?

Suitable work must:

  • be within the worker’s functional abilities;
  • be safe and not put the worker or co-workers at risk, or hinder recovery;
  • restore pre-injury earnings, where possible; and
  • be meaningful and promote the worker’s recovery. This means that the work should serve a purpose or valuable function to the organization. Is it something that the employer would pay someone to perform?

Suitable work may involve changes to:

  • Job tasks or duties – includes alternate duties that are not normally performed by the worker, differing methods to complete job duties, organizing the job tasks, etc.
  • Workload – hours of work or work schedule.
  • Equipment – modified equipment or new equipment purchased to assist in the completion of job duties.
  • Environment – includes the work area and may include set-up, lighting, climate, etc.

How do I identify suitable modified work?

When identifying suitable modified work, always start with the worker’s original job position and ask the following questions:



If you need assistance in identifying suitable modified work, please contact the WSCC.