Reviews and Appeals

If there is a decision on your claim that you do not agree with, you should first talk to the person who made the decision. It is possible that information may have been missed. Some disagreements can be settled in this stage.

If you still disagree with the decision, there are two levels of appeal available to you.

The First Level of Appeal: The Review Committee – This is the first level of appeal. This is a committee internal to the WSCC that hears your review. The Review Committee can maintain, reverse, or change the original decision.

If you still disagree, Second Level of Appeal: The Appeals Tribunal – If you still disagree after the Review Committee’s decision, you can request an outside opinion with the Appeals Tribunal. This external board can maintain, reverse, or change the Review Committee's decision.

If you need help with your review, contact the Workers' Advisor Office. There is no charge for their services.