Employers' Rights & Responsibilities

As an employer, it is your responsibility to:

  • Provide a safe workplace;
  • Provide equipment and machinery that is in safe condition;
  • Hire competent supervisors who ensure safe work procedures are followed;
  • Inform workers of their rights, responsibilities and duties;
  • Provide adequate job training;
  • Train workers on any potential hazards; how to safely use, handle, store, and dispose of hazardous materials; and how to handle emergencies;
  • Supply personal protective equipment and make sure workers know how to use equipment safely and properly;
  • Support and participate in the Occupational Health and Safety committee;
  • Meet First Aid standards; and
  • Report workplace incidents and injuries to the WSCC.

As an employer or supervisor, you must make sure your workers are aware of their three basic rights, and know how to exercise them.

Right to Know

Every worker has the right to know of hazards that exist in their workplace.

Right to Participate

Every worker has the right to participate in matters relating to health and safety in their workplace. This includes participating on a health and safety committee.

Right to Refuse

Every worker has the right to refuse if they believe there is an unusual danger present that does not normally exist in that work. Click here to view the work refusal procedures.