Policy Development Process

WSCC’s Governance Council guides a Comprehensive Policy Review Plan that directs the WSCC’s policy review process.

The purpose of the Comprehensive Policy Review Plan is to:

  • review individual policies at least once every five years;
  • ensure compliance with legislation and general regulations; and
  • ensure that WSCC policies, administrative policies and Governance Council directives are current and effective.

When creating or revising policy, the WSCC follows a series of steps:

  1. Issue Identification: As the WSCC becomes aware of new issues, it considers whether existing policies meet the needs of the WSCC and stakeholders or whether a new policy is required.

  2. Issue Focus: WSCC's requirements are internally examined, and if an issue is significant, it is presented to the Governance Council for their consideration. At this time, the Governance Council may ask the WSCC to consult with external stakeholders.

  3. Research and Analysis: WSCC engages internally and externally with stakeholders when creating or revising policies. WSCC routinely compares policies with other Canadian workers' compensation boards.

  4. Consideration and Approval: The WSCC President submits draft policies to the Governance Council for its consideration and approval.

  5. Internal and External Communication: New or revised policies are distributed to all employees, the Workers' Advisor and the Appeals Tribunal. They are also communicated to stakeholders through WSCC’s SafetyNet e-newsletter and on social media.