Young Workers' Program

Workers under 25 years of age are considered to be "young workers," and more at risk for incidents and injuries. Establishing a strong safety culture from the first day on the job is one of the best ways to prevent workplace incidents. Safety is everyone's responsibility!

Ask. You're Worth !t is a program that aims to help employers and instructors support young workers in the first days, months, and years on the job. You will find online tools, guides, and resources to support the training of new and young workers. These resources all target the essential elements of workplace safety: worker rights, employer and worker responsibilities, terminology, and resources for further reading.

Site specific training can never be replaced, but these tools will help to start the conversation about workplace safety.



Youth Safety Leadership Program

Launching in 2022, the Youth Safety Leadership Program will connect northern youth with opportunities to become community leaders in health and safety. The program is open to young workers (ages 14 to 24) who reside in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

If you are interested in participating, fill in the form below, and our Program Coordinator will follow up with you.

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